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Krisada Fantasy
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Hello fellow deviants! I am an ambitious hobbyist with many interest in art and game! Both my current job or bachelor degree has noting to do with art, game, or anything I'm doing here at all. So I hope that together, we can go on this adventure for me to someday leave the office box to blissful world of art.

For your information, I work 8 hours a day in public organisation with salary so low that I try my best to have amount of works done appropriately to amount of money. And that bachelor degree, it is political science, major in international relations, which I focused on aggressive diplomacy and negotiation using intercontinental ballistic missiles and battle tanks.

You can found me here in deviant, tumblr, y-Gallery, and pixiv. I use the same account for art all over the net, except tumblr which you need to add a bit of fantasy to it. If you somehow need to see my works in 'other gallery' and have trouble finding it, just send me a note!


On the Wall by Krisada
On the Wall
It's time for another pocket guide cover!

Any of my few viewer wokng office job? Like I have explained in previous year's cover, I have to created comprehensive small book for a quick reference. The job itself is already...not to mention the higher ups...or the fact that I have to...

Well, let's talk about something else! Things are quite busy so I have to delay many projects. So there is no Halloween theme piece this year! But I will try to draw faster and submit more then one piece per month. This month I barely made it...phew...

Now that I think about it, at least one third of my submissions must be my avatar...I'm such a narciscist ... :p

Drew in CorelDRAW X8.

P.S. Download that Artbook, NOW.
Window Shopping
I actually finished this piece since last Monday. My, I made it fast this month! Now let's see what kind of concept in the air I should pick up and proceed in 6 weeks left as October piece...

It's quite a challenge to move away from cel shading to a more traditional/raster style in vector. But that's what made it fun!

Drew in CorelDRAW x8.
Art Box by Krisada
Art Box
It's August so it means new deviantID! (Beat 2015 submission by 2 days!)

Now, who want to launch a start up sending art box to subscriber with me!? The big box with art supply and bishie model to do as you please will be delivered to your home to you every month!

Like last year, I still have the same office job with one rank up. I don't know when and why, but it seems like the past year all I said to higher-ups was "I have warned you that...!". I have a great mental exhaustion this year.

Fortunately, I have sketched some big project, have a great idea for one illustrated book, idea for next month's piece, and a prototype for next flash game! I will try my best to complete that as much as possible, maybe stretch out big piece to 2-3 month while finished monthly smaller piece. That is, my best while I still have time before release date of Sid Meier's Civilization VI...

Drew in CorelDRAW x8. I love new blur shadow mode!

P.S. See that great Artbook in the box? Download Krisada Artwork 2015 NOW!!!


Don't forget to visit previous my deviantID too!

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Moonlight Whale by Krisada
Moonlight Whale
Happy birthday to deviantART! It's all so fast!

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